Xavi Nogueres x Fueled

"A lot of amazing products are being

crafted in the world, but almost always

the way they are presented in the digital

world spoils the overall impression

And that sucks."

My roles
  • Digital Art Direction
  • Product Design
Tony Robbins
Project needs

Tony Robbins asked Fueled for a powerful desktop app based on his famous live coaching programs to take your goals and objectives to a new level and help you reach wherever you set your mind to.

Project problem

The problem I faced when I joined the team was the lack of general emotion the product had. It started off with a direction that looked like an app for a dentist or for a psychologist, so it doesn't evoke users enough motivation to do their stuff.

Initial version I found
Tony Robbins old
Project solutions

Team had struggles looking for what Tony desired. He wanted to evoke emotions to the users, to pop them and feeling them like being in a high motivational personal place for work the better way on your goals.

I know Robbins and I exactly knew what we had to craft. I said to the team: "Man, we are talking about the f***king Tony Robbins! It's so clear what he need!" I thought to get inspiration from sports brands like NFL, to play around with big elements and fontfaces, to highlight color scheme to bring a lot of focus as well motivation for whoever will use the app and, finally, creating a modern but intuitive UI & UX.

Tony Robbins Dashboard
Tony Robbins app

If you are interested in knowing more about the project, reach me out, say hello, add a funny emoji to your message and we could dive into the project chatting about all the details and challenges we faced.

Tony Robbins Settings
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Xavi Nogueres

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