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"A lot of amazing products are being

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My roles
  • Digital Art Direction
  • Product Design
Smart Mattress
Project needs

To design the control section of the Smart Mattress app, which company is modern, innovative, and owning a product that uses the latest innovations of technology, the price tag will be at the top end so it wants to being the leader in the marketplace. Users should also be able to adjust these controls while lying in bed, so is pretty important to provide them an intuitive & fast-use UI.

What does?

This smart mattress is divided into two sides, left and right, and it's divided again into thirds, allowing the user to control the whole bed or each side independently, and set presets to gain the ultimate sleep, so the app allows users adjust 3 different settings of their mattress: the base, the climate and the firmness. A user can change/play these settings with ease and save their different setups for specific times of the year, day, activity, etc.

- Adjusting the base: this changes the angle and height of these three sections, making sure head, hips and feet are at the correct level for comfort.

- Adjusting the climate: this controls the temperature of the bed, through inbuilt fans. A user can change the temperature of the whole bed, or alternatively, change the temperature of each side independently.

- Adjusting the firmness: through the use of air pockets, built into the mattress’s outer layer, users can control how firm these three sections are, providing the correct level of comfort for their sleeping position.

Smart Mattress Home
Smart Mattress Base
Color scheme

We can see trend tech colors in these kind of apps such as black, purples, dark blues and whites sometimes highlighted with a high contrast color. As the color psychology plays a very important role when it comes to transmitting emotions and sensations, it is very interesting to keep a dark theme as the main color since it conveys a feeling of tech, exclusivity and premium product feel. Combining it with golden tones and a different sizes fine typography we will enhance this home automation topic, making a confortable app use for the eyes because nights are the main day time to use it.


Regarding the typography, we can prove Sans-serif typefaces match perfectly for that purpose. In addition, the use of different sizes and weights gives a careful, comfortable and premium quality visual language.

Smart Mattress Climate

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Live prototype

If you wanna see a live prototype

built on figma and more details

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Smart Mattress Map

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