Xavi Nogueres x R/GA

A lot of amazing products are being

crafted in the world, but almost always

the way they are presented in the digital

world spoils the overall impression

And that sucks

My roles
  • Visual Design
  • UI/UX Design
Project needs

Siemens required an internal platform called MyGrowth that aims to impulse their employees to grow their careers with powerful formation, tests, mentoring...

Experience Design thoughts

· A relaxed environment just to evoke calm and peace. Good things to study stuff

· A great experience across the site that drives the user with ease clarifying every moment what's the next step to do depending on your process

· Use of a lot of visual assets like illustrations that helps the user to be close the platform

Siemens mockup
Siemens 02

If you are interested in knowing more about the project, reach me out, say hello, add a funny emoji to your message and we could dive into the project chatting about all the details

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