Xavi Nogueres

A lot of amazing products are being

crafted in the world, but almost always

the way they are presented in the digital

world spoils the overall impression

And that sucks

My roles
  • Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Ecommerce Design
  • Webflow Development
Why this project?

Driven by the tremendous viral impact of a Spanish influencer, I found inspiration with that to create this brand and its designs based on phrases that gained significant traction on social media. The concept revolves around establishing a brand tailored for a specific community—the community that passionately seeks self-improvement, adopts positive habits, and strives to be part of the 1% that transcends societal norms by evolving into their optimal physical and mental selves.

Check it out at https://faaak.store

FAAAK Mockup
FAAAK Dark Mockup
FAAAK Homepage
FAAAK Product page

Xavi Nogueres

IF you want me in your team just to create

amazing stuff like this, reach me out

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