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"A lot of amazing products are being

crafted in the world, but almost always

the way they are presented in the digital

world spoils the overall impression

And that sucks."

My roles
  • Digital Art Direction
  • Product Design
Coda Music
Project needs

The startup Coda Music needed us to redesign their new music streaming app. What's Coda? It's a music streaming platform and a social network as well. What the founders wanted was merging Spotify + Instagram into a new fresh own identity. Well, that's exactly what we did. And we blew their minds away.

Project solutions

There were two real challenges here. First, creating a unique user experience through these complex topics. Second, we started with no branding. No established colors, no typography. So what we did was draw from the best of both worlds (music and social media) to craft a visually appealing app that feels familiar and provides a distinctive user experience for both listening to music and engaging with friends and artists.

Coda Music Home
Coda Music Player

If you are interested in knowing more about all the interactive prototype, reach me out, say hello, add a funny emoji to your message and we could dive into the project chatting about all the details and challenges we faced.

Coda Music Exclusive
Coda Music app
Tony Robbins app

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