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I create stylish and memorable visual identities that help my clients express themselves and transmit to their visitors unique feelings.

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Xavi Nogueres Web Designer

Made in the beautiful Barcelona, 28 years ago.

I’m Xavi Nogueres, a digital designer born and raised in Barcelona in 1990. I’ve worked with amazing clients such as FC Barcelona, Gran Via 2, “la Caixa”, Carglass, Atrápalo, NACEX and more.

I have always been very proactive and of restless mind, I auto-stablish challenges and achievements to me that I must reach if I don’t want to arrive at a feeling of emptiness. I’m an enterprising soul and ambitious could be one of the strongest adjectives to describe me. I dream very strong and I think that you put the limit to all the things of the life.

I flee from closed mentalities, from mediocrity and from the typical, I think that creativity does not understand that. I like to stay up with hungry and ambitious people. By this way is when incredible things are achieved.

If you want to stay tuned to my work, you can follow me on Dribbble, Behance, and Instagram.



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